Spencer Dobbs – Changed Fool


Spencer Dobbs – Changed Fool

CD-R / Chapbook / CD-R


Edition of 100

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Disc One:

  1. Artifact Moon
  2. The Black Hills
  3. Poor Maddie
  4. Down To The Shades
  5. Singing To the Wolf
  6. There Is A Dream

(originally released in 2016 on cassette by Sloow Tapes)

Disc Two:

  1. Human Figure – Honey & Tobacco (for Leonora Carrington)

All music performed by Spencer Dobbs, Parham Daghighi & Junior Williams

“a stunning collection of late night loner ballads informed by LEONARD COHEN, JERRY JEFF WALKER, NEIL YOUNG’s ditch trilogy, SPRINGSTEEN’s NEBRASKA, finding hushed intimated contemporary comparison to SONGS: OHIA’s DIDN’T IT RAIN and CONSTANTINES frontman BRY WEBB’s solo albums, maybe like down and out WOODEN WAND minus all the wry humor and off kilter wit, as some of the songwriting here gives TOTH a good run for his hard earned hard luck money — the instrumentation is simple and incredibly sparse yet powerful, almost funereal – just a handful of guitar strums and piano chords with minimal overdubs, at times i could be convinced that this was some improbable IGGY POP reel of strung out bedroom ramblings, just him and a piano shambling through variations on “we will fall” with a touch of flute or sax or somesuch added for gravitas

as the tape inexorably rolls along it seems to unravel more and more along the lines of the most damaged and desolate stuff from CHRISTINA CARTER and CHARALAMBIDES -as SLOOW’s brief blurb suggests- channeling early 80s JANDEK sides – ok it doesn’t unravel -that- far, but i think that’s a fair reference point for plotting it’s trajectory, finishing with an unexpected reeled in nine minute opus with a STEVEN R SMITH at sunrise vibe, though the lyrics temper the relatively optimistic sound – “you don’t know what love is until you know the route from hell” – that’s potent stuff – this tape is loaded, i figured i would dig it but, man, i didn’t expect to get utterly destroyed by it.

highest possible recommendation” – Psi Lab

“Beautiful, deep, desperate, drunken late in the night acoustic folk music by this musician from Texas. It starts in a deceptively hopeful manner with “Artifact Moon,” which is similar to the tracks from Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska but quickly descends into very depressive territory.  I hear influences from the darkest moments of Leonard Cohen and Neil Young’s Tonight’s The Night, and the psychedelic textures owes to Charalambides. And then the tape closes with the beautiful, epic and again kinda hopeful “There Is A Dream,” closing the circle. Very highly recommended music.” -Bulletproof Socks