Jones/Martinez/Wozny – Go Decay

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Justin Jones / Gabe Martinez / Joe Wozny – Go Decay


AE 04

Edition of 100

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Go Decay, the debut album from Houston artists Justin Jones, Gabe Martinez and Joe Wozny, is an austere study in disquiet. Over four improvised pieces spanning forty minutes, the trio unfold their work of electro-acoustic pastoral dread.

Like the flickering return to cognition after a spell of sleep paralysis, like tea in the morning while recalling the evening’s NyQuil night terrors, the work evokes the trepidation of illness found in Davies’ Eight Songs for a Mad King or Beckett’s claustrophobic fugue texts.

Operatic screams, percussive clatter, and muffled speech slice through the churning haze of ambiguous tones. Source instrumentation is difficult to apprehend as the pieces build and dissolve like the fog of breath appearing and disappearing on a mirror’s surface.

Though this is the trio’s debut recording, each member is a veteran of the stellar Houston improvisation scene, having collaborated with artists such as Jandek and Sandy Ewen and performed in ensembles with Joe McPhee and Phil Minton.

Go Decay is available on the Anahuac Editions label in an edition of 100 professionally dubbed and printed cassettes and for download at


1. Lawndale I


1. Alabama Song I

2. Alabama Song II

3. Alabama Song III

Justin Jones: Vocals, Electronics

Gabe Martinez: Drums, Percussion

Joe Wozny: Guitar, Vocals, Electronics