Spencer Dobbs – Singing Hell Into Water


Spencer Dobbs – Singing Hell Into Water

CD-R / Chapbook / CD-R

AE 02

Edition of 100

$7 + shipping – contact sedobbs@gmail.com

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Disc One

  1. Texas Effigy
  2. Chavela
  3. Hidden Breath
  4. Year of War
  5. Death Anniversary of Willie Nelson
  6. Pleasure
  7. Long Haul

Disc Two

  1. Coyote

The smoldering effigy, hated city, burlesque of death, virtueless amulet,

empty scar of Sugar Land, panegyric to what–

Written winter dark in post-pneumoniac haze & the dim shade of alcohol.

Working a broken tense in dismantled time; narrative of nature emptied of–

This is the made sound of the harvest smoking sacrificed to anything in the rain–